A Bit About Us

My husband John and I formerly owned “The Doggy Farmstay” Boarding and Doggy Daycare in Eskdale until Mother Nature stepped in……..sending Cyclone Gabrielle to destroy our home and business…..the tart!!

But s**t happens, in the dead of night in pitch black with raging waters neck deep in our home, all we had on our mind was SURVIVAL of not only us humans but all the boarding dogs as well, nothing else mattered at all……we are so thankful we survived and life goes on!!

In the months that followed whilst living in limbo, we had to do a wee bit of thinking outside the square about how we could keep connected to our loyal customers and to the doggies we missed so much as they were like our own, they attended our daycare regularly. So with the owners’ blessings, we came up with the idea of breaking them into group packs by matching them by their breed, size, and temperaments and taking them out on public land to be let off lead to explore play, and socialize.

The dogs just love it and go home very happy and content! The idea has since proved to be very popular and we have welcomed many more doggies into our packs. If this is something you think your dog would enjoy we welcome your interest!