Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



The health and safety of your dog whilst in our care is of the highest priority, we are experienced dog handlers, and we will provide high-quality care and attention to ensure your dog(s) remains safe whilst with us. however dogs do have differing play styles and energy levels; high-energy play can involve dogs colliding with one another or involve “mouth play”. These types of play can result in superficial grazes or nicks in a dog’s skin, muscle strains or other injuries. We will intervene as quickly as possible to avoid such injury, however, owners must accept that there is a small chance of such like injuries occurring. In the event of such occurrences or unexpected natural deaths, we will not be held liable financially or otherwise.



    • DoggyTreks reserve the right to cancel walks in the event of adverse weather conditions, payment is not expected.

    • Before a regular day is offered all dogs are subject to an initial “trial” walk to ensure they are suitable and will benefit from adventure walks. Dogs must be sociable and not display any behaviours that may be of risk to other dogs in a group setting.

    • You agree to pay the nominated fee by bank transfer on the day your dog attends the walk.


    All dogs must be fully vaccinated against Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Distemper. The common brand name is Vanguard. This is the main “core” vaccine. Puppies receive 3-4 doses in their early months and older dogs 3 yearly. In addition to this vaccine, your dog is required to be vaccinated annually against Kennel Cough. and wormed. You acknowledge and agree that there is a small risk of your dog acquiring kennel cough, fleas, or other infectious conditions whilst participating in pack walks, and that DoggyTreks accepts no liability financially or otherwise if this occurs. You agree to inform us of any change in your dog’s circumstances, including health and temperament. You agree to maintain your dog’s vaccination, flea and worm regime and provide us with updated vaccination certificates from time to time upon request.


    DoggyTreks do not accept any responsibility for any costs, losses, damage, or other expense incurred if your dog attacks, bites, or behaves with menace towards any dog handler employed by DoggyTreks, any third party or animal while in our care. In extreme circumstances, such loss may include the loss of your dog. Any serious incident may be reported to the appropriate authorities. You agree to fully reimburse us for any costs, losses, damage or other expense incurred as a result of any such incident by your dog, including, but not limited to, medical expenses and property damage. In such a case no refunds will be given.


    As the majority of our walking is off-lead we do experience from time to time a dog may run or walk away from the pack, this can happen for a myriad of reasons.  We will make all endeavours to locate your dog.  We have our own systems and processes for locating a dog.  If you wish to contract a third party into the search we are happy to work alongside them, however, we will not stand down, but will continue to use all resources at our disposal to find your dog.


    DoggyTreks top priority is the safety of all the dogs in our care. Because we have dogs in packs, we strive to ensure each individual dog is comfortable and happy. De-sexing helps ensure a happy and healthy pack. De-sexing your dog brings untold benefits such as improving behavior – preventing roaming, aggression, marking, humping, dominance and biting. Also de-sexed dogs live longer and healthier lives – preventing cancer, and unwanted pregnancies etc. We strongly recommend your dog is de-sexed at six to eight months, we will do our best to prevent unwanted pregnancies but cannot be held responsible if you choose to wait longer to have your dog de-sexed and they become pregnant.


    In the event your dog becomes ill or is injured, DoggyTreks may need to take your dog to a veterinary clinic or animal hospital. If, for any reason, your usual veterinary office is not available or reasonably accessible, we reserve the right to take your dog for treatment to another veterinary office at our discretion. We will make a reasonable attempt to contact you before any services are rendered, but in the event that we are unable to contact you, you provide pre-approval for treatment for your dog up to $500.00. You are fully responsible for all costs incurred by us in such circumstances and agree to fully reimburse us for all veterinary services rendered up for your dog. You agree that we are not responsible for the results or outcome of the veterinary treatment.


    You understand that DoggyTreks Dog handlers may use GoPro’s while collecting and returning dogs for accountability and security purposes only.

    All footage is used for internal purposes ONLY and is erased after a period of time.


    DoggyTreks reserves the right to update our terms and conditions from time to time and you will be provided with a copy of any such update and will display here on our website. We reserve the right to terminate our engagement with you at any time at our discretion.

Privacy & Legal Policies

Our privacy policy is quite straight-forward. We will never sell, lend, rent, disclose or otherwise release your personal information or any information relating to your communications with The Doggy Farmstay to any third party.

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