What We Offer

There’s no doubt about it, our four-legged friends make us pretty damn happy… and I’ve made it my mission to return that love TENFOLD.

Happy Dogs really fill our cups, I just love how dogs live in the PRESENT MOMENT enjoying life as it is right here right now! There is nowhere else I would rather be but right alongside them!!

Doggy Treks are a popular and if not better alternative to Doggy Daycare, with much more open space to explore bush, forest, sand, and plenty of water for swimming. This experience is also great for helping dogs to learn social skills as well as the perfect opportunity to teach younger dogs how to socialise. These walks are also very helpful for particularly nervous dogs or rescues that have had a rough start to life and need to gain the confidence to learn to trust and love again!

 Dogs are required to be fully vaccinated including Kennel Cough.  Male dogs over 8 months are required to be neutered. Bitches in season must stay home. For the safety of other dogs, all dogs will be subject to an initial trial day before a regular weekly space will be offered.  We do not accept aggressive dogs or dogs with poor recall. 

We operate the walks Monday – Friday throughout the day. Our service area is Whirinaki, Eskdale, Bayview and Napier.  We will collect your dog from a safe secure area from your home and will be away for up to 3 hrs.

Once your dog is assessed as being suitable and will enjoy and benefit from the experience, he/she will be placed into a suitable group.  Your dog will be booked for a minimum of one set day per week.  We expect your dog to attend on this day, however, please give 48 hrs notice if your dog will not be attending.